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2012 Accomplishments & More November 28, 2012

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2012 Accomplishments

  • Get out of bed & dressed EVERY morning  (85% accomplished)
  • Walk For A Cure 2012 @ Oleta River State Park
  • Fit For A Cure @ Fitsource Club for Women
  • Mix, Mingle & Mangia for a Cure / Meet & Greet the Mayor & First Lady of North Miami Beach @ Racks Soprano Bistro & Cafe
  • Pizza, Pasta & More for a Cure @ Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
  •  PicturesOnGold.com developed a line of Childhood Cancer Awareness jewelry and partnered with the Mystic Force Foundation to donate a portion of all profits from this line to our foundation
  • Nominated & accepted to NAC Contracts For A Cause
  • WSVN 7 (FOX affiliate) News Special entitled Mothers Mission which aired during the 5:00 news and then again during the Stand Up 2 Cancer National Telethon
  • City of North Miami Beach proclaimed October 16, 2012 the official Salvatore Vanni Day, presented with the Proclamation and plaques at the city hall meeting by the Mayor and Commissioners
  • Superintendant of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Alberto Carvalho (the nations 3rd largest school district) passed Resolution No. 12-155 honoring the life of Salvatore Antonio Vanni and promoting Childhood Cancer Awareness whereby adding lessons on Childhood Cancer to schools curriculum so all children will learn of the prevalence of Childhood Cancer along with other instructional lessons
  • Accepted The Ancient Spanish Monastery Foundation’s nomination honoring my husband & myself for “distinguished achievements and contributions providing a legacy for exceptional leadership in S Florida.”   Black tie affair takes place April 13th 2013

Some of these things were very difficult to achieve, such as getting out of bed EVERY single morning. It would be much easier to just sleep my life away because during sleep you feel no pain, physical or emotional.  But, I know I have 4 kids that rely on me every day as well as thousands of others who count on me for Hope for their future. I can’t let any of them down. I also know Sal would not want me laying in bed crying for him.

He never wanted to see me cry.

The article in the Miami Herald was another great feat. I wrote to every single journalist whose email I could find. My only reply was from Joan Chrissos, the Health Editor. This was her reply to me:

Dear Silvia,

Thank you for your email. We know this an important subject – in fact, childhood cancer was the front page story in our Special Health Reports on cancer, which was published on July 15, 2012:. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/16/2897761/hope-on-the-horizon.html Given that we just published a large story on this subject, we would not be inclined to publish another story so soon. That said, we will look to see if there are any other developments that warrant another story.

 Joan Chrissos
Those of you who know me, know that that was just NOT an acceptable reply by any means, I emailed her back,
Dear Joan,
Thank you so much for responding to my email. I did see that article which was wonderful coverage for a disease that most people think of as taboo to speak of. And although you did a story in July, are these kids not worthy of another story during the most important month for childhood cancer? 
Next month will be breast cancer awareness month and you will see pink everywhere, you will read stories every day about breast cancer survivors, those still fighting and those that lost their battle to this disease. But because of so much awareness thru out the last years with the Susan G Komen foundation there is now over an 80% cure rate for breast cancer. That is wonderful and outstanding. Why can’t we do this for all the children? Are they not worthy of this type of awareness? Have you personally ever been touched by a child with cancer? Has your child ever begged you for help from the pain and suffering they were feeling? Have you ever held the hand of your dying child?
I would not wish those things on any parent. That is my mission…..to keep ALL children from suffering like my baby did and ALL parents from feeling this knife stabbing pain that NEVER fades. EVERY day is a day to raise awareness which is why I do not understand your statement “That said, we will look to see if there are any other developments that warrant another story.” 
Why does Childhood Cancer Awareness Month not warrant another story??? Can you explain that to me please???
Do you know that before my baby was diagnosed I was told to pray for leukemia? Do you know why? Because there is an over 70% cure rate now for childhood leukemia. My child wasn’t so “lucky” he had a very aggressive, very common form of childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma for which there is no cure. Another cancer that has very dismal survival rates is Rhabdomyosarcoma. Do we just forget about these kids and only report on the ones that are doing well?? I don’t think so.
“With that being said”,…….. I will continue on my mission and continue to search for people that care.
Silvia Dominguez Vanni
I forwarded both emails to the CEO of the Miami Herald with this reply:
Dear Mr Landsberg,
I sincerely hope that the the following reply from Joan Chrissos is not the opinion of yourself and others at the Herald. Your paper is one of the largest in the country and to say that Childhood Cancer Awareness Month does not warrant a story is absolutely appalling and unforgivable. 
I sincerely look forward to hearing from you,
Silvia Dominguez Vanni
He instantly emailed me back telling me that one of his senior newsroom editors would contact me.  That along with the barrage of phone calls & emails that Joan Chrissos received from all of my facebook friends accomplished my task of getting a story written……finally.

As for the Channel 7 news report…..well I sent out over 200 emails to every single reporter whose email I could find including all the sports and weather newscasters. I received only 2 replies. The first was from Carmel Caffero (Carmel on the Case), the second from Patrick Frasier (Help Me Howard); both from WSVN 7. Both conveyed their sincere condolences regarding my baby and both said they would forward my email to their health producer, Angela Carraway.  Angela, whom is a beautiful soul both inside and out contacted me immediately and set up an interview.

It’s so sad that it takes so much to get people to listen and to want to help. But it does not keep me from trying…..I keep forging on. My motto is ‘the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t happen’.  So I continue to tell my baby’s story, to ask for help, to pass out flyers & postcards, to ask for sponsorship, to ask for donations, to set up fundraisers, to do anything and everything in my power to raise awareness for these kids I so desperately want to save…..for all their parents I so desperately want to keep from feeling the pain I am feeling……for all the kids of the world…..even the healthy ones, because remember,  my baby was perfectly healthy, until the day he was diagnosed.

I know 2013 will bring many great things for our kids. I know 2013 will bring continued Hope for so many. I know I will continue my work, my eternal mission in life.

Please save the dates & join us for

Cycle/Walk of Hope for Childhood Cancer

June 9th 2013

A 60 mile bike ride thru beautiful Miami along with a 5k Walk and a Family Fun Day

Cocktails For A Cure

New York City / March 2013

(More details coming soon!!)

Please know that none of this could have been accomplished without the help of so many wonderful

friends, family members and volunteers.

 I love you all and will continue to fight for all ‘our’ kids.

I so very desperately wanted to save my dear friend’s beautiful baby. Derek & Sal were friends, treated at Miami Childrens Hospital, both with the same favorite oncologist, Dr. Guillermo DeAngulo. Derek never knew that Sal had passed away because we did not want him to be scared of having the same fate. We tried to save him, we did everything we could, both physically and spiritually but to our great sadness Derek Marcos passed away in October. His mom Enyd, my very dear friend is now on this mission with me.


1. grahamforeverinmyheart - December 27, 2012

I wanted to let you know that I just found your blog today. I’ve added it to the collection of blogs, websites, videos, articles, and songs that I’ve been assembling in memory of my 23 year old son who was killed 31 weeks ago. http://www.scoop.it/t/grief-and-loss
I’m so sorry about the loss of your son, there is nothing in the world that is more life shattering than losing a child.


2. SusanB - January 14, 2013

You are doing exactly what you need to do to survive the loss of your sweet little boy, and that is to create goodness from your sadness.


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