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Valentine February 14, 2018

Posted by Waking Up With A Broken Heart in Uncategorized.

Although I have many blessings in my life, the surreal & unfathomable tragedy of losing my baby, overshadows all joy and happiness in my life. I can literally feel the blood trickling out of my broken heart as I struggle to breathe at times. Especially on days like today. ๐Ÿ’”

My children are my life and I have always told them โ€˜You will NEVER fully know True Love until you have a child of your ownโ€™.ย  One of my True Loves is gone and that is beyond my mortal comprehension in any way. Acceptance is by far not my reality.ย  There will never be a day when I can accept his fate, nor mine. There will never be a day when I will understand this inconceivable existence that is now my life. The faith I once relied on, now buried within the memories of the torture & pain that was my precious baby’sย  daily reality.ย 

Only Hope remains……… Hope for an ever-after, eternally united with the bravest soul I will ever know.

Bleeding Heart


1. Mary Lynn - February 14, 2018

I have the greatest respect and love for you and your family for all you have done for the children. Every year on our grandsonโ€™s birthday we can only imagine what he would have been like, what he would be doing this year on his 18th Birthday. Loss of a loved one is always hard, but to lose a child is truly heartbreaking.


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